Friday - (06/18)

Bountiful Burger – Friday $24 /$65

Juicy 8oz of burger served on a fresh baked brioche bun from Daniel’s bakery in Brighton, topped with bacon jam and colby jack cheese. Served alongside a spring mesclun salad. 

Contains Dairy
Contains Gluten

Savenor’s Market has been a Boston family tradition for more than 75 years. First opened in 1939 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the gourmet butcher shop and high-end grocer made a name for itself through its commitment to providing customers with the finest meats and produce anywhere in the world. Once frequented by Rockefellers, Kennedys and Schlesingers, the retailer’s brand recognition reached a pinnacle with the help of America’s first celebrity chef, Julia Child. A loyal customer long before she became a household name, she continued to source all of the meats for The French Chef throughout the 11 year run of her popular PBS show. As any fan of the show could attest, Jack Savenor was frequently mentioned on-air, in addition to making several guest appearances as Julia’s beloved butcher.

Ron Savenor, who currently heads both the retail and wholesale operations, took over the tradition from his father, Jack, with whom he credits creating the Savenor’s of today. Jack joined his parents’ business in 1940 at the age of eighteen, and eventually took over after his father’s death in 1942. Originally a basic grocery store, Jack expanded the business to include prime meats, imported patés, exotic game, fresh seafood and specialty foods to meet area demand. Largely as a result of Cambridge’s burgeoning foodie population, the store thrived, becoming renowned as one of the finest gourmet grocers in the world. In 1987, Ron took over the store from his father and ran it in Cambridge until 1992.